Thursday, September 15, 2011


Strange how I've decided to resume writing blog ever since ages ago. Anyway, what the heck, I realized that it's 2.02am right now and I should be off to bed soon, but being bored at odd hours, I thought I would like to see how my blog looks like in the past, and damn.....those are the times.

Electrical Engineering is one hell of a course. Third year now, learnt literally everything from ABC all the way to Z, yet I still have the feeling of knowing nuts about the things that I'm supposed to know by now, and this is simply no good...

Yea... nothing to write..., speaking of which, I felt that my English vocabulary skills kinda suck plytapus' ass. Looks like I really do need a proper English course or something. . .

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


hola ! Look who's back !? I have never thought that i will start writing here ever again since the previous post. In fact, i feel kinda weird typing now because im supposed to be playing games or watching movies or chatting with my gf,.. ITS HOLIDAY TIME !! :DD Ohyeah.. now that its holiday, i can finally write something here. Trust me, before my final exam, my time was seriously pilled up with revisions and exercises, just to face the first 4 crappy subjects i will ever take in my university life. Think again.. i still have a long way to go. sigh

Today is a fine day, and why is it fine u ask? NOT u , i mean you there. Because, its the last paper for this semester !! Happpy :) And because im Happpy , i've decided to throw in a picture of how i smile when im over the moon

Lets take a quick review of what i have learn from the 4 subjects i had this semester;

1) Engineering Maths A - Being a maths subject, i have always have hope with it because i know i can calculate 1+1= how much and realize that if the cross product of 2 direction vectors of 2 lines are zero, the lines are perpendicular. I got a feeling im wrong but anyway, the final exam of maths is not easy, not that hard. Except questions like those stupid integration by parts or integration reduction or the 3 devilish types of integration which involves square roots of functions....hyperbolic....trig....inverse....substitution stuff all in them. aikz hate them.

the japanese harakiri leader who happens to be my MATHS2160 lecturer . haha

2) Physics 1- Physics.. i dont like physics. Of all the science subjects, it is the worst. I mean who doesn't miss LeChatelier's principle about how the system counteracts the external change or the endocrine system in our human body? - except for those poor pure health or science students.. hehe Ok. After a semester with possibly the last Physics that will ever come across in my life, im proud to say that i got a HD for it !! hooray !! not 100% HD but at least 90% chances of getting HD !! wahaha.. i seemed so contented and boastful. Someone come and slap me please

3) Introduction to Engineering Computing - This subjects gives me headache at the beginning. I totally have no idea about microsoft excel or some programming tools called MatLab, and im not Wei Jien either. So, all i know is i quite depend on some friend of mine in order to score the internal marks for this subject. Courtesy to Jason, who is imported from china !!


Anyway, he is really smart except for his english which may become the subject of a joke. For example, people tends to be polite and say "Excuse me?" , while jason has his unique way of pronouncing the two english words, magically transform them into "Kill me?" or "Screw me?" lol but despite all these, he is still my master XD

4) Enterprise Engineering- This subject reminds me of moral. moral reminds me of the nilai nilai murni, and those nilai nilai murni reminds me of absolutely nothing. Right, this subject is different from the others, and i personally feels that this subject is .... is...... couldnt find a suitable word to describe it. It's all about common sense really. Except for some other few things like IP or feasibility thingies which we have to read by textbook. ok enough. The truth is, enterprise is boring.

Im done with the silly review of my subjects. Btw, i just wanna say that transformer 2 doesn't attract me and that Aya Hirano rocks!! my gf rocks even m0re!! :)

For those who have forgotten how good ol' Norris Fung looks like .hehe

love my cute baby <33

Btw, the title of the post is this because i was kidnapped! i hope this explains the reason why the blog remains un-updated. Expect me to get "kidnapped" again for at least another good couple of weeks or months. XD take care and stay happy for everyone who reads my lousy and meaningless blog !! ;)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Day!!

After weeks of torturing in RMIT, finally comes the first break in my 4 years of study life here. A 1 week break! which is a heaven for a person who is desperate of a holiday like me. N yeah.. this break has 2 names, as u can call it, mid-semester break for my case or a general easter holidays. Although im not those who can social well, having a break is simply giving me much more times to party ! ( in front of pc, msn with gf) and... study -.- As an uni student, u cant escape from it because, u have to. Unlike college, Uni wont be that kind to feed you eat like a babysitter or tell u wat to do when u received an assignment. It's not they wont tell u at all, but most of the time, when ur required to begin an assignment, u'll end up wondering for 1 hour, thinking 'what should i do?' Seriously, 1st or 2nd assignment may look allright, but the 3rd 1 n so on so forth can easily kill u. Erm... anyway, dats just me with my good old engineering course. And i have to admit im not those smarties like Kenneth, a new fren of mine or old fren from klang, Calvin teh. lol. And that day, he was telling me he obtained the lowest marks for Physics tutorial. Huhu.. nice attempt, but u can only fool a 3 years old with it :P

Think again, i have not make a long post ever since i came to Aussie. My bad. I knew there is no much of visitors to tis blog already, but i knew that there is always u who will come visit my blog occasionally, hoping to see an update. Yep.. dats u. hehe. Besides being really busy, me being super duper lazy almost makes this half-dead blog to nearly rotten state. While i still have some time be4 the uni resumes on the next thursday ( 16 April) i might as well blog alil now :)

...too many things to blog till i dont know where to start. Ok.. lets talk about my life here with siblings. Basically, nothing much to talk about on this part. Me, my bro and sis seldom sit down together and talk talk non-stop, but once in a weekend, bro and i will take a stroll at the city to eat/shopping. Sis usually not at home, because she doesnt like to see us. haha just kidding. She prefer to hang out with temple or office or watever fren she have all day. However, 1 good thing about her is she sleeps n wake up early! Wow. Nowadays, i can bet the number of ppl who has such habit can be count by the fingers and toes u have there. When i say early, it's 10 something or 11. Latest 11. Or if special occasion.. 11.30 lo. hehe. And wake up at 6 to 7. Despite all these good things about her, there is still a string attached to it. She has no interest in getting love relationship! My parents truly worries about that. But oh well.. let the fate decides. I thk the best phrase to describe sis is, Sis is a nv chiang ren! heheh

To uni, everything is completely new. All the people, the way of speaking, the food, the environment, facilities, services, and feelings r not longer the same as in Malaysia. I have met a few good people like Kenneth, Thomas, Jason, Areeba, Akaradet, and Humara. just to name a few. And pretty much, these are the few people i hang out with most of the time. As said, with a next to zero social skill, having fewer good frens is already satiable for me.

With these circle of friends around here, hopefully i can just survive thru the 4 dreadful years of life here. And... can return back to malaysia once and for all. By the way, i will be back to Malaysia end of this year and end of 2 years later. I can meet with gf 2 years later !! :D

Speaking of my gf, i received another present from her. A very nice and sweet present which i love very much.

Heart shape pillow with a fragrant fruity smell. Manis manis :)

thx alot dear. i love this gift very much!! muakzzzz

Over the past few days, i've been quite addicted to Hank Green's jokes video. Like.. 51 jokes in 4 minutes thingy. He talked fast, but if listen again and again, some jokes are really funny. Example;

A boy asks his father, 'Is God man or woman?' -God is both- 'Is God black or white?' - God is both- 'Is God Michael Jackson?'


Another 1, science joke.

2 atoms were talking with one another. 1 atom says, i've lost an electron..! The other atom says, Are u sure?? The atom replied ' Yes.. im POSITIVE!! hahaha

I like tis:

A duck walks into a bar and asks the bartender,

"Got any grapes?"

The bartender says, "No, this is a bar. We haven't any grapes."

The next day the duck walks into the same bar and asks the bartender, got any grapes?

The bartender says, "No, we haven't any grapes! If you ask one more time, I will nail your beak to the bar!"

The next day, the duck goes back to the bar and asks, got any nails?

The bartender, confused, says.. "No, we don't have any nails..."

The duck says, "Good. Got any grapes!!?"


Anyway, whats a easter holiday without a bunny

here goes..

A bunny from my bro's office =)

Got to go now. Wish you happy holidays and enjoy urself. bye~

miss my dear dear very much.. dear got miss me ma? hehe

Saturday, April 4, 2009

full of love~~

Today, 5/4/2009, is my anniversary with my gf. Despite of the thousand miles distance from her to the place where i am now, i could feel her presence with me. She is always in my mind n my heart. Its a very special feeling which can be either happy or sad. For me, its happy :) The feeling is undoubtedly, love. I love my gf. I love her always ~~ Happy 1st Anniversary lao po~ :D

A box with mystery item inside as my 1st anniversary gift from lao po..

inside is...

a necklace ring !! (which can also function as...

yep.. a simple n yet meaningful ring) Sori for the low quality shot. Nevertheless, is a great present for me. Because? Only me n my wife know it :P

Thx alot dear.. i like the present :D Hope u will like mine too. I love u dear.. miss u so much ~~ muaksssssssss~ *forever love*

at the end of the short post, wish lao po.. HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY! =)

by the way..

it fits well on me. Truly a special gift among all that i have received ^.^

Thursday, March 19, 2009


i wont receive a goodnight msg from dear 2nite.. i miss her..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


i think my life is screwed. My sis has paid for me few thousand bucks and now i feel like quitting. I really felt sad and dissapointed with myself. I think nobody in this world is more stupid than me. Since i knew i already dont like engineering, y am i still choosing it?? I chose biomedical engineering becoz i like bio, yet all i know now is maths, engineering n physics. Come on. PLS gimme some medicine names n i will happily memorize it for u. I wan to know more about meiosis and omg biology..... so many interesting topics. maths? I hate the stupid differentiation trying to make my life miserable. Or i should say, i really dont have a life. Say i succeeded , and managed to get the cert after 4 yrs later. I will be working on the thing which i dun like for the rest of my life. If that doenst sound creepy, i really dont know anything else which can make my life worse than what im facing now. I wanted to change, but can i? im at the edge of a decision !!

i hope god will drop some check with 1 million pounds on it in front of me while im being tortured by the stupid microsoft excel

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ups and downs in the sea of love

Its already 11 months and a day me n my gf coupled. Through the days we have/have not been together, all i have in my mind is her. Each time we have some clash which usually comes from misunderstandings or wrong usage of words or simply due to temper, i felt really sad, and the same thing happens to her too. Who wouldnt anway. I'm a man, n nan ren liu shue, bu liu lei ? The person who creates this saying ( probably the guy is ip man..) is totally wrong. Boys have as much emotion as girls. I have no strength to conceal the sadness in my heart.. It all happens too sudden. I have nowhere to hide my face as i have the tears bleeding out of my eyes, and its not because i'm angry her, its the surge of disappointment feeling within the very bottom of my heart. Disappointed with myself because i couldnt let her be happy at the times where we are still suppose to be chatting happily just like before. Disappointed because once n once again, i have hurt her, even if i didn't meant to do that. Sorry is not an excuse. I have to admit i said that more than just twice or a couple times. but, i meant it. I really love her, making her angry equals to erm.. taking a blade and make a 3 inch scar to my tiny heart. I am typing this while asking a question to myself in my heart. "All this while, i have treated my girl well ?" Well, answer may be varies depending on my mood of course; but as for now, i knew i have not made her the happiest girlfriend in this world. I may not have any super power talent or dashing face to always always keep her heart with me or completely happy with me, but i wouldnt not give up. I dont know, but i just felt like doing it. Maybe i got inspired by nike or something. Im swearing to the light bulb which is just next to this pc, and to her and to myself, all the hard feelings or factors leading to crash or quarrels, i shall hereby erase them all out of my itenerary ! Its not an easy task, every boys know this. But when im reminiscing my past somewhere like 10 years time later, where my girlfriend who might already upgraded to the status of wife, all i could think of is those moments of happiness and smiles and laughs. As a person who loves her and willing to spend the rest of my life with her, i would cross fingers , and thus hoping that the day where she proudly tell her friends and sis and her family and her neighbour, she had not found the wrong man. Just thinking of the moment we can be together, my heart smiles sweeter than any candy u can find in anywhere on earth. Dear,.. if you are reading this, i wanted to tell u, i love you~~ Please forgive my past. In addition to the promises and swears u and me made, i promise you, in this 4 years time where we are in long distance relationship, i WILL NOT change my heart or attitude when chatting with you. I truly hope, dear would not change the love, attitude, as well as the concern towards me. I sounded ungrateful once, and i wont let the second times happen anymore. My fellow bloggie readers can be the judges. Shall we hold our hands onto the rope together , and hike through the years of long distance relationship ? I love you ~~ :)

Thats the animated version of me and my gf facing to the opposite of camera view. hehe